Autumn Leaves

Non-Medical Urgencies

Promptly attending to non-medical urgencies with care and efficiency.


Autumn Leaves provides a range of non-medical services to senior citizens at the comfort of their home.

At Autumn Leaves, we understand that seniors often have non-medical urgencies that can be just as pressing and stressful as medical issues. That’s why we offer a range of non-medical services designed to help our residents with a variety of everyday tasks and activities.

Our non-medical services include assistance with banking and financial matters, as well as legal and administrative tasks such as managing mail and bills. We also offer assistance with travel planning and arrangements, helping our residents stay connected with loved ones and maintain an active social life.

Our team is available to provide support and guidance with a wide range of non-medical needs, including technology assistance, home repairs, and even pet care. We understand that these tasks can be overwhelming for seniors, particularly those who may be living alone or far from their families. Our compassionate care team is here to provide support and assistance, helping our residents maintain their independence and dignity.

At Autumn Leaves, we believe that addressing non-medical urgencies is an important component of providing holistic care for our residents. By addressing their everyday needs and concerns, we help our residents maintain a sense of purpose, belonging, and well-being, and ensure that they are able to enjoy a high quality of life as they age.

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