Autumn Leaves


Nurturing hearts, enriching lives - Unveiling extraordinary geriatric care services for your Loved Ones.

At Autumn Leaves Care, we create a homely environment through comprehensive elder care and residential support. We believe in preserving independence without compromising on attentive care, recognizing the reality of this vital balance. Our services encompass a wide range of short and long-term daily support for elderly care.

24 Hours Emergency Services

In times of need, our unwavering commitment shines bright with 24-hour emergency services, ensuring help is just a call away.

Elder Care

Embrace the warmth and compassion of our elder care services, tailored to honour and support the unique needs of each individual.

Home Care

Autumn Leaves offer personalized care services that let people stay in the comfort of their home while receiving world-class services from our side.

Alzheimer’s / Dementia Care

Unveiling compassionate dementia care, where understanding and specialized support create a nurturing haven for individuals and their families facing challenges.

Clinical Support

Empowering patients with round-the-clock access to our dedicated clinical staff, comprehensive programs, and innovative features, ensuring their needs are met anytime, anywhere.

Home Health Care

We offer comprehensive care in the comfort of your home, providing quality health professionals, a residential intensive care unit setup, and more.

Care Companions

Autumn Leaves offers quality companionship for seniors who require social and emotional support, whether they live alone or face additional challenges.

End Of Life Rites

When families have loved ones living overseas, planning end-of-life rituals can be challenging. At Autumn Leaves, we understand the importance of these rites and the role they play in honoring the life of the departed.

Medical Equipment Provider

Looking for high-quality medical equipment for your home? Look no further than Autumn Leaves! Our organization offers a wide range of medical equipment for effective monitoring and life support care, for your loved ones.

Assisted Living

Autumn Leaves proudly partners with Sanchari, a premier retirement home, providing exceptional residential support services for seniors.

Secure Your Home

At Autumn Leaves, we understand the importance of home security, particularly for seniors who may be more vulnerable to crime or accidents.

Non Medical Urgencies

At Autumn Leaves, we understand that seniors often have non-medical urgencies that can be just as pressing and stressful as medical issues.

Choose Us For

Spreading care for quality senior living.

At Autumn Leaves, we dedicate ourselves to preserving and enhancing the highest quality of life for senior citizens. With unwavering commitment, we address their geriatric needs, ensuring their well-being and contentment.

Trusted By All

Join hands with the best Geriatric Care organization of the town.

Professional Caregivers

Our professional caregivers offer comprehensive in-home care, covering both medical and non-medical needs.

1000+ Happy Seniors

Under our care, seniors find happiness and fulfillment, embracing each day with joy and contentment.

Easy and Safe Connectivity

Experience easy and safe connectivity, ensuring seamless communication and access to the resources you need.